IMCSzyme impact

Clinical Toxicology is a pure beta glucuronidase that has transformed the clinical toxicology industry. Our enzyme has proven to increase the percentage of drug hydrolyzed therefore, increasing the accuracy of test results. In addition, IMCSzyme decreases incubation time enabling same day test results.IMCSzyme detects hard to hydrolyze drugs quickly and accurately. Customers increase throughput, while reducing sample preparation time to achieve quality test results.

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Pain Care the first genetically modified, pure beta-glucuronidase on the commercial market IMCSzyme has decreased hydrolysis time and increased the quality of the test results. A fast comprehensive hydrolysis is critical to an efficient workflow in testing for pain care drugs.

IMCSzyme’s unique characteristics:

  • Fast- 30 minutes;
  • Clean – pure, no contaminates;
  • Accurate- hydrolyzes in 30 minutes or less.

Optimize your hydrolysis method and achieve high quality results with one comprehensive method.

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Forensic Toxicology improves detection of analytes and increases workflow efficiency in forensic toxicology.

Crime labs have discovered using IMCSzyme for hydrolysis in blood, urine or tissue increases the detection of codeine and other hard to hydrolyze analytes. Our enzyme’s short incubation time also enables same day test results and increased sample throughput.

Our pure enzyme does not contain contaminants, that lead to conversion of 6-monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM) to morphine along with other conversions.

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IMCStips impact

Proteomics application of studying specific proteins and peptides to identify their unique characteristics. The study of proteins is responsible for diagnosis; prognosis and therapeutic prediction of diseases, 75% of the costs in this field are from sample preparation and peptide enrichment. IMCStips streamline the protein and peptide sample preparation process by automation, increasing efficiency and producing high quality, consistent results. Protein identification leads to drug discovery, and diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Biopharmaceutical companies, academic research labs, and US federal government agencies are a few of the clients we serve.

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